So. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Marvel TV is really good at not hiding the ball and having these characters interact like humans, instead of hiding vital information that is immediately helpful for the sake of suspense or plot or making incredibly dumb choices for those same reasons. Daisy’s mom is cray cray? BOOM Daisy saw her kill Raina. Will Daisy give Ward a second chance? NOPE PEW PEW PEW as soon as she found a gun. NAZI. Simmons trapped on an alien planet? SHE’S BACK IN EPISODE TWO.

Sure, it has some hiccups along the way, but there is no forced mystery for the sake of being mysterious *cough Gothamblindspot cought* like some shows out there. Hopefully Daisy and Mack and Hunter (he’s the best) figure out Coulson’s play quickly. I bet Daisy’s second guessing of Coulson will lead to a situation where she has to trust him, doesn’t, and something bad happens, and it will happen very soon.

1. Okay. Lets talk about the Andrew sized HGHog in the room. It appears that I was wrong. Last week I opined that Banks was Lash, and I was in good company (Daisy and Mack). From the beginning of the episode, though, Andrew’s story about how he escaped was oddly specific and detailed. Andrew looked like he had some head trauma from the explosion, but was able to recount everything that “happened.” I almost got the sense that Coulson didn’t quite believe him after he told his story, but looking back, think he kind of did, to an extent.

Then, Andrew was super concerned with Lincoln’s whereabouts. After we got the reveal from Little Strucker while he was on his way out, we got to see Andrew ask about Lincoln AGAIN. This second time was just creepy knowing what we know. He almost seemed anxious to find out. Who is in control? Andrew or Lash? Is this a Hulk situation where he hands over the controls, or a Hyde situation?

Also, what is Andrew’s plan? He’s an Inhuman, but as Lash, kills Inhumans. Now we know why Lash never killed Mack or Daisy especially - she’s the most well-adjusted Inhuman we’ve met yet. But what does he have against the Inhumans that got their powers from the fish oil or who were in Afterlife? Is it personal because of Bahrain, and that one Inhuman who changed his May? It’s also interesting seeing it from the Andrew-side of it. In denying these Inhumans clearance to go into the field, is he trying to protect them from his other self, limiting the number of Inhumans he has to kill? Is his vetting process set up to determine who is worthy of their powers or not, so Lash doesn’t have to go out and stop them with extreme prejudice? SO MANY QUESTIONS! From the teaser for next week, it looks like May wastes NO TIME calling him on it, so we may find out (pun intended).


2. Hunter is the BEST, and was in the right. Knowing what he knew - that Ward had a team of Hydra goons with guns on Andrew - he made the right choice in going after him despite the danger to Andrew. There was no guarantee that Little Strucker would let him go if they let Ward go, and being the entitled little shit that he was, after exposing his cover to Andrew, I bet he would have tried to kill Andrew despite what Ward said. He wasn’t ready for the field, and would have tried to kill him anyway. So yes: Hunter was right. He made the logical choice. The only reason everyone is mad is because it was Andrew who got “hurt.”

3. The best May fight in this series so far is May v. Freaky Fried May and that glorious coffee table. The second best May fight in this series so far is May testing Mockingbird to see if she was ready to get back out there. HOT DAMN. Usually I try to come up with some witty combined name whenever this show shakes up the teams on us (Mackingbird, Maisy(eh), THE THREE AMIGOS, etc.) but they went and did a fucking HASHTAG for MockingMay last night on Twitter. I feel like Cisco when people try to name the villains. STOP IT.

4. Speaking of May. The look on her face when she told Coulson she was back, and the look when her and Mockingbird took the Zephyr (HOLY SHIT that thing is gorgeous - did you SEE the shot of it taking off?) was the true Cavalry. Not the Bahrain-everyone-thinks-May-took-out-all-those-dudes Cavalry, but the REAL Cavalry. This May is on a mission. It’s personal. For such an intense character, that was her most intense scene yet. Yikes.


Ward is right to be scurred.

5. So the guy Little Strucker ran to was part of the World Council from Avengers. Specifically, I think he was the one that suggested or ordered the nuking of New York City. OH AND HE’S HYDRA. Remember in Winter Soldier when Pierce had the World Council come celebrate the launch of Project Insight, and everyone from the council (you know, except for Widow SPOILERS!) showed up and got basically kidnapped by Pierce, who was missing? Gideon Malick, the guy who sold out Little Strucker. He didn’t need to show up to Project Insight because he was involved from the start. His absence makes sense now - he was busy doing Hydra things while Pierce launched their project. He didn’t need to be there, because having too much Hydra leadership in one place is a bad idea. WHAT ELSE DID HE HAVE HIS HANDS IN?

6. Coulson totally called Price out on delaying showing him the ACTU facility. I wonder if her house was actually broken into or if it was a ploy to make Coulson sympathize like he accused. Nothing was stolen, including all of the electronics and a $7,000 bat. If she didn’t stage it, who broke in? Was it Andrew? Could he have gotten off base that quickly? I don’t think it was Hydra because Ward has them busy moving and trying to run away from SHIELD. I don’t even know if he knows they’re working with the ATCU.


Coulson is totally playing Price, but he likes her as a person, too. I mentioned it above, but Coulson has a plan, and Daisy just keeps seeing Coulson interact with Price at the most inopportune times, and it’s skewing her perception of him. She’s clouded, and can’t see that he has a plan.

I think Coulson was a lot more concerned with the ATCU’s storage program than he let on, but since he was in the belly of the beast, he was playing it cool. At this point, it might be a good idea to keep those people on jello for a while until they can contain Lash (ahem), and then go after the ATCU and free those Inhumans. Take away Lash’s targets, and he’ll get sloppy and desperate. That only helps SHIELD. Once Lash is squared away, then Coulson and Daisy can focus on freeing the jello’d Inhumans.

7. Hunter. Again, the BEST. He was SO BORED just hanging out at the base. We got an episode of Simmons surviving on an alien planet for months. Can we please get an episode showing Hunter trying to fill his time? He tried to give Fitz some sage advice with his VERY SPECIFIC analogy about someone’s girlfriend’s ex visiting from Phoenix and NOT buying them a ticket, and then bluntly told him that Will kept Simmons warm with fire. WHAT’S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN HUH.


The best, though, was when Hunter finally got to go out with Daisy and Mack to help trail Banks, and when they couldn’t figure out what to do, he just went out and mugged him. This was pretty smart - from the beginning Hunter was off finding Ward, and has had little to no interaction with the ACTU. Banks wouldn’t know his face.

Need some blood? BAM. There’s some blood. God I love him.

8. Those poor, poor bank guards. MockingMay is a dangerous combination. It was nice to see Mockingbird try to talk their way out of the situation, but May’s way was the only way, given that that other guard didn’t quite buy it. Those glasses were tops. But one question: What bank accepts a picture of a driver’s license on a smart phone? I use my phone to find free passes to the OC Swap Meet, but that’s different. Those front booth people could give a fuck. THIS IS A TAX HAVEN BANK. I need two forms, please.


Speaking of Mockingbird, she straight up cooked that dude in the pool. WELL DONE. It’s nice to see that she has similar tech as Black Widow. Fitz’s gadgets are right up there with Stark’s, it seems.

9. When looking into Banks, Daisy mentioned that after he was bounced (for cause) from the military, he went to work for an “elite anti-alien task force” after New York. We know he’s in the ATCU, so is this something different? Was this a shout out to SWORD? Was he part of the NASA team that sent Will to Hel(l)? WAS PRICE? Last week someone pointed out that one of her aliases had worked at NASA in the past. A small team at NASA sent those astronauts through the Monolith. Was SHE involved? She knows a LOT more than she is letting on...

10. Ward: No thanks, I don’t need any redeeming. It’s like he reads comments sections online. Oh you.


11. Speaking of Will, when Simmons checked on Fitz’s progress, he told her the simulations hadn’t figured it out yet, but he was going to find Will and was going to get to know him. When Simmons left, he pulled up articles on Will. Fitz is doing his research. He’ll find something in his past and once they save Will (they will, so many wills...) he’ll notice something is off. Is Will alive, or, as many have speculated, is he a projection from Ego, and just a second version of that Death that was following Simmons around?

One of the things Fitz looked at was a news article about Will. I did the reading, and what we could see from the article said the following:

It’s a dream that every kid has, while looking out into the vastness of the cosmos. There’s a sense of wonder and awe and so many questions. Is there someone out there looking back at me? Is it possible for human beings to live on other planets? We all ask those questions, and some of us grow up never letting go of them.

William Daniels is one of those people. As a child William, known around here as Will, built his own telescope from ... he and his father found in an as- ... magazine.


I have a question: Was it Simmons who made the telescope gun used to shoot the bottle at the portal, or was that Will? I know Simmons rigged the computer to scan the stars, but what else did Will make? We know he made that cage, but did he make the gun as well? This could be a clue: If not, why not? The article specifically mentions how he and his dad made a telescope. If he didn’t make the telescope gun, why couldn’t he? If he really is a projection from Ego, then it would explain that if Will really died on that planet, Ego only had access to some of his memories, and made an avatar as close as possible, but with some holes. If there are ANY discrepancies, Fitz will notice them IMMEDIATELY.

Or maybe it’s Will. Who freaking knows.

I can’t wait for next week to see how May deals with Andrew. Because believe me, she will.